Sundays • 9:45 - 10:45am

Age 1 - PreK5  • Children's Ministry Center

Kindergarten - 4th Grade  • Dawson Building 2nd Floor

5th & 6th Grade (Step Up)  • Hunter Building Roof Level

7th - 8th Grade  • Hunter Building 2nd Floor (Youth Area)

9th - 12th Grade • E&A Building 3rd Floor (Multi Media Room)

Adult Sunday School Classes • See Details and Locations Below

We've created a list that may be helpful in finding your true fit for a class. 

Please don't hesitate to contact Rev. Emily Blair if you have any questions. 

Click here for a printable document : SUNDAY SCHOOL BROCHURE


Adults 50’s – 60’s • E&A Building 316

Contact Monique Cunningham –

Cornerstone is an interactive class format focused on Bible study using roundtable discussion that focuses on putting Scripture into practice in everyday life. This is done through DVD presentations facilitated by class members and guest speakers serving in the local or global mission fields.


All Ages, Couples & Singles • Lower Level • Sanctuary 106

Contact Rick Foster -

Looking for a Bible study that focuses on the Word? We enjoy discussion with our goal being life applications and to grow in Christ as we fellowship together. 


Adults 50’s & 60’s • E&A Building 312

Contact Alyson Foreman –

This class incorporates an interactive Bible study and discussion that focuses on putting Scripture into practice in everyday life. Members of this class are in various stages of life and welcome open and honest discussion of relevant issues facing today’s Christ followers. 


Mature Adults • Lower Level - Sanctuary 103

Contact Mary Beth and Henry Conly –

This class seeks to grow in their relationship with God with Biblically based lessons. Class discussion is encouraged as we learn from each other, while studying Scripture and following the teachings of Jesus. We enjoy quarterly socials and support a variety of local and global ministries.


Adults 20’s & 30’s, Young Couples, Parents with Young Children • Lower Level - Sanctuary 102

Contact Wil Adams –

Join the Empower Hour as they discuss Scripture and how to apply it in the world of young families and parenting. 


Adults 30’s & 40’s, parents of elementary-teens • E&A Building 313

Contact Whitney Howell –

Members of Faith, Fellowship & Friends seek to grow in faith through Scripture-based study with a focus on building friendships in an open and inviting environment. This group experience offers participants a chance to grow in their faith while enjoying fellowship with each other. 


Adults 60’s-70’s • E&A Building 315

Contact Rusty Palmer –

Friendship is a community of believers committed to studying the Bible from the perspective of the culture and times during which it was written and strive to engage contemporary culture through a biblical world view. This is done through DVD presentations, facilitated by class members, invited lecturers, book reviews, or guest speakers serving in the local or global mission fields.


Adults 30’s-40’s • Lower Level - Sanctuary 107

Contact Lindsey Lewis –

Lifespeak is a facilitator-led Bible study that engages in roundtable discussion and uses study guides to promote the life application of our faith and walk with Christ. This class is heavily involved with local and global missions and promotes fellowship through a variety of social events for men, women, and families. 


Adults 60’s & 70’s • E&A Building 314

Contact Jennifer Owens –

The Mariners gather with friends on Sunday mornings for coffee, snacks, and traditional Sunday School. They take part in structured Bible study, as well as lessons and discussions led by guest pastors, speakers, and class members on current religious topics, and local and global missions. This is a service-oriented group that hosts occasional socials, and supports members of the class and the church by taking part in local and global missions work. Our Mariners aprons make us easily recognizable at church events!


All Ages • Lower Level - Sanctuary 105

Contact Mandy Storer –

Mandy & Aaron Storer have prayerfully prepared this class, which invites those who are beginning their faith journey, and those looking for a fresh start.


All Ages • Dawson 314

Contact Hoyt D. Bain –

The Seekers class starts each Sunday with a time of fellowship and coffee. They love our great, great Church and community and try awfully hard to love their neighbor as themselves. All quarantine negativity and wish to chase Jesus and nothing more. Their mission statement is: “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105. They begin their class by singing 3 stanzas of one Cokesbury Hymn. They have a variety of outstanding teachers (including Seekers’ members), who present topics which incorporate Bible study into everyday life. The class supports mission projects in the Shreveport-Bossier-Barksdale community and holds well attended social gatherings 3-4 times a year.


Women All Ages • E&A Building 317

Contact Jody Thurmon -

Women of Faith is a Sunday School Class of Women of all ages seeking Fellowship and Bible Study. The Bible is taught using a variety of methods including DVD, Lecture and Group Discussion, in order to grow our faith and fellowship in Christ and develop lasting friendships with one another!


Young Adults 20’s • Rhino Coffee Shop

Contact Mary Beth Crow -

This is a class filled with young people and led by young people to connect, converse, walk through Scripture, drink good coffee, and talk about Jesus.