FUMC Lent challenge

Between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday this year we are challenging our congregation to observe a holy Lent. The challenge will include a subtraction discipline (something to give up) and an addition discipline (something to start doing), and these will change each week. The heart of this challenge is that we spend time intentionally focusing on Jesus, who gives us strength and meets us on this journey. 

Here is your challenge for Week 6 (Monday, April 11th to Saturday, April 15th):

Subtraction - Fast from technology (no screen time related to entertainment, phones, television…I know your wordle streak will end, but maybe you’ll start a new spiritual streak with Jesus) 

Addition Catch up with loved ones (friends or family that you owe a call to, set aside the time to reach out to them this week, you can even share your journey of lent with them, what have you learned, how have you grown?)

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