(Sanctifying Grace)

Creating a Sacrificial Life


You are here  (Maturing in Christ) if you:

  1. Are learning to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength
  2. Are learning to love others as you love yourself
  3. Live your life in a way to make God’s love real in the world
  4. Desire more of Jesus
  5. Are cooperating with the Holy Spirit
  6. Have been growing in your faith, recognizing the difference Jesus is making in how you live


Maturing in Christ – Jesus’ desire is not for us to remain where we were when we accepted His invitation for a relationship, but to grow in that relationship by following Him, obeying His commands, loving Him and others, and becoming more like Him each day.  This is the work of sanctifying grace.  We cannot do any of this without the empowering of His Holy Spirit that He sends to reside within us.



  • Mentor new members
  • Participate in Traditional Worship, FaithLink, or Palabra Viva 3 or more times/month
  • Participate in church and/or silent retreat
  • Attend a Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, Chrysalis, or Tres Dias
  • Holy Land Trip (every other year)


(Refer to The Columns or First Weekly for class offerings.)

  • Disciple Bible Study – Fast Track OT (12-week study)
  • Disciple Bible Study – Fast Track NT (12-week study)
  • Disciple Bible Study – Fast Track II & III (12-weeks each)
  • The Wesley Challenge – 21 Days to a More Authentic Faith
  • The Wesley Prayer Challenge (21 days)
  • The Intercessory Life (6-week study)
  • Disciple’s Heart, Jim Harnish (6-week study)
  • Other short-term Bible Study (4-8 weeks)
  • Transforming Evangelism-Wesleyan Way of Sharing Faith (6-week study)
  • Participate In Bible Study Fellowship
  • Participate in a Discipleship Band
  • Daily appointment with God for prayer and Bible meditation/reading (Multiple Bible reading plans and daily devotionals to choose from, Praying the Hours, etc.)
  • Journal your prayers or what God is speaking to you through His Word
  • Stephen Minister Training
  • Commit to practice the discipline of fasting at least once a year
  • Commit to memorize 4 or more verses a month
  • Commit to giving a tithe of your income
  • Look for ways/opportunities to practice forgiveness



  • Participate in ministries (within and outside of the church locally) where spiritual gifts lie
  • Mission Trips, Local and Global
  • Give to the needy anonymously
  • Comfort the brokenhearted
  • Visit the sick and those in prisons
  • Serve as Stephen Minister



  • Live out your faith in an authentic and organic way with those you come in contact with daily
  • Bring a friend to Christ