RECOMMENDED ACTION: Affiliation with the Global Methodist Church

Denominational discernment included a rigorous assessment of options, including several other Methodist denominations and independent network affiliations. 

All denominations were discerned through the Discernment Frameworks. After careful consideration, the FMCS Affiliation Study Group is recommending affiliation with the Eastern Texas Conference of the Global Methodist Church (GMC).

As a start-up denomination, the GMC offers the truest expression of Wesleyan Methodism while also offering FMCS the greatest opportunity to contribute to its growth in meaningful and long-lasting ways. Recognizing this historic moment in the life of the church, the affiliations study group seeks to advance its mission in ways that are mutually fruitful for both FMCS and the GMC. Read each article on this page to understand the reasons for this recommendation.

An Open Letter to the Members of First Methodist Church, Shreveport

As we endeavor to live and lead as pastors in ministry at First Methodist Church of Shreveport, it is our sincere desire to advance the mission of this church to the fullest and broadest extent possible. We believe the mission and vision of First Methodist Church of Shreveport most closely align with that of the Global Methodist Church.

Why the GMC? And Why Now?

Studying the GMC through the discernment frameworks, the discernment leadership team found the GMC to be the strongest fit for FMCS. The optimal time to make the biggest impact on the GMC is right now, during the start-up phases of the new denomination. FMCS has a unique opportunity to help develop structure, systems and the spirit of the GMC.

Discernment Framework

There are many factors to consider as the church discerns future affiliation and embarks on a new, post-UMC era of ministry; however, none are more important to the decision-making process than assessment of options in comparison to the foundational pillars that give unique form and purpose to the ministries of The First Methodists Church of Shreveport. 

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Denominational Comparison Chart

ASG Denominational Comparison Commentary