Preschool (3-prek5)

The Preschool ministry in the Children’s Ministry Center offers childcare each Sunday from 8:00am to 12:30pm. This ministry offers Sunday School and Children’s Chapel for ages 3 through Prek 5 while their parents are attending Sunday School and worship.  Childcare is also available for most special events hosted by the church with an RSVP. The Preschool is also part of the 1st Kids Ministry which includes ages 0-6th grade.


Billie Tate


phone: 318.424.7771 ext. 117

coronavirus  update

Dear Nursery and Preschool Parents,

I am over the moon excited to finally see my wee kiddos again.  Welcome back to you and your child/children.   If this is your first time to visit the nursery, I welcome you to our nursery and preschool family! This is a historic time in all our lives, and I pray that the protocols that are in place help relieve any anxiety or fear you might have.  I certainly welcome any suggestions and ask that you extend grace as we reopen.  The procedures found below are being put in place due to the present phase of the coronavirus pandemic.   

Children’s Chapel for the Pre K 3’s and 4’s will begin this Sunday, September 13. Check-in THIS SUNDAY ONLY will begin at 10:30am. Children will check-in early instead of going to church with you.

Sunday School will begin on Sunday, September 20. Check-in will begin at 9:30am.

To Protect the Children (This list will be updated as things change.):

  • Check-in for the children will be outside the main entrance of the Children’s Ministry Center (CMC).  A staff member or volunteer (wearing a mask and gloves) will do a wellness check and temperature check at this time.  A designated individual will be manning the check-in computer and will hand the child the nametag/s.  The “hall captains” will escort the child to the age-appropriate room.   
  • Check-out will be at this same location.  The greeter will take the child’s name and the “hall captains” will escort the child to you. 
  • It is very, very difficult to social distance the youngest children while they are playing, but our staff will do their very best.  Children will social distance when seated at the tables or during lesson time on the floor. 
  • Children’s hands will be washed frequently.
  • Children ages 0 – K-4 will not be required to wear a mask. 
  • Children will receive their own art supply bag or craft bag with their names on them. 
  • All snacks will be individually wrapped.
  • Please notify the persons at check-in of any conditions, like allergies, that have the same symptoms as Covid-19.  If possible, a note from the pediatrician would be excellent in order to put all staff at ease.
  • Diaper bags or personal items need to be clean.  These will be placed in a cubby with the child’s name.  A clean “luvy” or blanket for calming the child may come with the child.  All items should be labeled.  These cubbies will be cleaned after the child leaves.   

To Protect the Volunteers and Staff:

  • Teens and adults will be given a temperature check, symptom check, and hand sanitize prior to entering the CMC.
  • Masks will be required for teens and adults.  The staff will wear masks.  Gloves will be worn when needed.
  • Teen and adult volunteers are needed to help check-in and check-out go smoothly. 


To Protect Our Church Family:

  • No parents will be allowed to enter the building unless he or she is teaching or a mother would like to feed her baby in the comfort room. 
  • The building is being disinfected and items are being sanitized regularly.
  • Toys will be rotated throughout the morning.  As difficult as it may be, the toys will not be shared.  Toys that cannot be washed with soap and water have recently been removed from the nursery and preschool rooms.

Please note:

  • Sunday School starts at 9:45am each Sunday morning.  Check-in for Sunday School will be open at 9:30am
  • Check-out will be available after Sunday School where they were checked in. 
  • Check-in for childcare during the 11:00am worship service will begin at 10:30am. 
  • Check-out after church will be available until 12:10pm where they were checked in.
  • Parents or caregivers using the stairs leading to the CMC coming from FaithLink will need to exit through the glass door and proceed to the check-out table. 
  • Volunteers are currently needed in the Pre-K 2, 3, and 4 Sunday School classes as well as Children’s Chapel.  We use a once a month rotation schedule, and we have subs that can be called on when needed. Lessons and activities are exciting and need very little preparation before Sunday.  These classrooms solely revolve around volunteers, and the children love having you there to share their church experiences and growing faith with them! Grandparents and older siblings are always welcome to volunteer as well. Please let me know at or 318-426-1363 if you or anyone you know is available to help this year!  We will not have enough paid staff to cover these classes.  Check-out will be available after Sunday School where they were checked in. 
  • Check-out will be available after Sunday School where they were checked in. 

I’m so happy that we are going to be back in our church building together soon! I pray that peace, blessings, health, and safety will be poured out upon you!  I ask that you extend grace to the ministries, the staff, and the DIRECTOR as we re-open and do the best that we can.  Many conversations and much prayer have gone into the implementation of these procedures.  



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