The First Methodist Church of Shreveport is offering persons associated with the church and their families a simple, dignified option to a traditional burial as a final resting place for their loved ones. Located between the Sanctuary and Couch Chapel below the Eternal Flame, the Columbarium in the Memorial Garden is a beautiful, peaceful location to serve as the final resting place for people who choose cremation for their loved ones.

The Columbarium fulfills the obligation of the church to serve its members from baptism to death, provides a faithful stewardship option and offers a final homecoming for church members. Historically, the church has been the final resting place of deceased members within the church building or an associated burial ground. Burial inside the church was at one time reserved to honor the noteworthy clerics, nobles, and other important citizens. Today, a columbarium allows God’s people to be laid to rest within the church building or grounds.


William Jernigan


Columbarium documents

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