What Does God Love?

What Does God Love?

Billie Beck

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, everyone is sure to be focused on Love.  This holiday brings a perfect opportunity to talk about the Love that God has for us.  We know that God loves His people and His world. There are numerous scriptures that help us understand how God loves us and how we can show our love back to God, but there is one that I would like to share.

Turn to Acts 11:21, “And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number who believed turned to the Lord.”  God loves it when we share our faith with others and because we share our faith, others come to know who He is and trust in Him.  God loves it when we focus on Him and tell others about Jesus.  When we do this God will be with us and people will be saved.  God loves it when we tell others about Jesus. 

One of our preschool First Friends has a smile that will brighten – not just the room – but the entire building.  Gabe Conway is four years old and has already experienced more health complications than many adults within their lifetime.  He has had many successes, but there have been major set-backs also.  The only way you might know about those bumps in the road is through occasional tears from mamma. The entire family greets you with an immediate smile, a positive attitude, but never with a complaint.  When I need to be reminded “what God loves,” I am reminded of what Gabe tells the doctors and nurses when they listen to his heart. No matter how strong or how weak the heartbeat, in rhythm or not in rhythm, Gabe tells the doctors and nurses that Jesus lives in his heart.  How awesome to already at that age know exactly where Jesus is and that God loves him just that much!

One of the hardest truths for toddlers and preschoolers who are literalistic thinkers is to understand the concept that Jesus lives in their heart.  As a children’s director, it has always been my earnest prayer to be able to impart this message to little ones in such a way where they will understand.  I loved it when Melanie Barron who worked in the nursery for many years, would get the one-year-olds to tell me who lived in their hearts.  The children never left her care without Melanie reminding each child of God’s love for them. 

What does God love?  He loves it when we share our faith by telling others about God and His beloved son, Jesus.  Gabe, never get to the place where you think you are too old to tell everyone you meet who lives in your heart.  God deeply loves us!   

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