The Weary World Rejoices (12-29-19)

The Weary World Rejoices (12-29-19)

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Isaiah 14:3-7

When the LORD has given you rest from pain and trouble and from the hard labor that you perform, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon:

How the oppressor has ceased!

How the flood has receded!

The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked, 

the rod of the tyrants that struck peoples in rage with ceaseless blows, 

that ruled the nations with anger, with relentless aggression.

All the earth rests quietly, then it breaks into song.

We have waited for so long—for so long. Advent, the season of waiting, has its consummation in the arrival of Jesus our King! The long awaited hope of God’s redeeming activity is realized in the birth of Jesus. And the waiting was worth the cost. The darkness of sin and death, the despair of broken dreams, the unrealized expectations of life had become the weapon of the enemy—our enemy—the enemy of God and all creation. And our souls were weary. The world was weary. Now with the arrival of our LORD, the author of life itself, we dance in the face of darkness, we sing when we once were silent, and we rejoice because hope has come! Our souls rejoice. All of creation rejoices. May we continue to seek Jesus, that our rest and rejoicing may be found in Him!

Bulletin 12.29.19


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