The High Cost of Carelessness (9-16-18)

The High Cost of Carelessness (9-16-18)

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Deuteronomy 6:3-9


I.  First, the causes of carelessness


A.  Impatience

B.  Greed

C. Distractions

D. Bad Advice

E.  Wrong Assumptions


II.  Second, steps to avoiding carelessness


A. Take your time

B.  Pay the price

C.  Stay focused

D.  Check out the advice you are given

E. Don’t assume – be sure


III. Finally, deal with the consequences of carelessness


A. Apologize to any person you have hurt, including yourself.

B. Make amends as best you can.

C.  Break the habit of being neglectful.

D.  Make sure you don’t suffer a second time for the same act of carelessness.

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