The Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope

Your Stephen Ministers wish all of you a Happy and Healthy 2019.  As we begin this new year with God’s direction in the life of our service to you as a congregation, I want to refer to Pat’s sermon on January 9 on the “Gift of Hope”.  I want to refer to point II and IVPoint II, hope draws its power from a deep trust in God – this is of utmost importance in our lives as it applies to Stephen Ministry.  During this time of the year, many people have some  kind of problem that they are experiencing and can’t find resolution to that problem.  This is when we need to pray to God  to point us in a direction of resolution and Stephen Ministry is the ministry that helps you  bring resolution to your problem.  For your information, we need care receivers and only you as our congregation can solve  this situation with the help of God.  Through  our recent recruiting efforts, we have trained six new Stephen Ministers and we want to place them as care givers in your time to need. 

Point IV, hope regards problems as opportunities in disguise- there are many times when we experience a problem in our life when we become filled with despair and depression thinking that there is no way out of these heavy states in our mind.  However, Stephen Ministry is an opportunity made available for your service to use God and your Stephen Minister as “candle lights” to bring resolution to your problem.  Our Stephen Ministers have been trained to give you Christian guidance and to listen to your problem.  Please take advantage of this wonderful service our church provides to you during your difficult times so that we can be a messenger of God to you.

As we begin this new year in our planning for 2019, we have started our recruiting for a new class of Stephen Ministers.  At this moment in time, we have one person who has committed to becoming a Stephen Minister.  So we are in a situation when we call upon our congregation to help us solve our situation.  We are asking you to pray to God  to seek his guidance  in directing you to become a Stephen Minister.  Remember , you will receive 55 hours of training using materials sent to us from the Stephen Ministry headquarter offices in St. Louis, MO.  We have had several clergy members attend our training sessions in the past and their comments were “wish we would have had this training in seminary”.  My point is that it is quality training and new people will be adequately trained in becoming a Care Receiver.  Please consider becoming a new recruit for our Stephen Ministry. 

If you are interested in needing a Stephen Minister or interested in becoming a new Stephen Minister, please call Dr. Carl Rhoads or Linda Ferguson at the church office at 318.424.7771

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