Seeing Jesus: Simeon & Anna (12-30-18)

Seeing Jesus: Simeon & Anna (12-30-18)

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When we look at the advent and birth narratives in Scripture, we are invited into the story of redemption for the whole world. We might connect with the people of God who long for deliverance from bondage, or maybe we realize that if we pay attention to signs of the times, we can be led to Jesus the King. Throughout Advent, and now, as we have celebrated the birth of Jesus, may we continue to realize the glory of what God has done. Christmas has come! Jesus the Christ, who is our Lord and Savior, is born! The trajectory of the cosmos has shifted from darkness and death to light and life! This truly is “good news of great joy” for the world. 

In Luke 2:25-38, we read about Simeon & Anna, who faithfully and consistently worship the LORD, waiting to see the child of promise, the gift of redemption for the world. May we learn from them, and pattern our lives and hearts around worship, prayer, and faithful expectation to encounter Jesus the King. Now is a great time to strengthen our commitment to be people who look for Jesus with faithful worship and expectation, to be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit. Let us see the majesty, the wonder, and the beauty of Christ the King, and let us continue to marvel at the activity of God that rescues us all. It is a Merry Christmas indeed, to all who hear and see Jesus this day.

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