As I write this article, the word of the month in Sunday School for Kindergarten through 6th grade is self-control.  This has been a wonderful word and subject not only for the kids but for me personally.  Our memory verse is “God’s power has given us everything we need to lead a Godly life” from 2 Peter 1:3.  We have discussed choosing what we should do even when we don’t want to.  There have been so many great discussions about King Solomon and his wise words in Proverbs.  We especially liked Proverbs 25:16, “If you find honey, eat just enough.  If you eat too much of it, you will throw up.” 

On the third Sunday of the month, our lesson honed in on choosing our words carefully.  This is such an important lesson.  In a world that is so full of slander, dishonesty and cruel actions, it is so important to hear how words can hurt.  Proverbs 12:18 was our discussion verse.  It says, “The words of thoughtless people cut like swords.  But the tongues of wise people bring healing.”  I hammered nails into a wooden board as I said mean things to three imaginary people.  I was showing the kids how saying unkind words or lying truly hurts the other person.  After I used three examples of hurting someone with words, I then said I was sorry to each of those people and removed the nails.  I showed the children that even though I had said that I was sorry, there were still holes left in the wooden board… scars.  When you’re hurt with words, it can leave scars.  Some of us have those scars for the rest of our lives.  The last things we want for our children is for them to have scars from others OR for them to leave scars on another’s heart.  This was such a meaningful and impactful lesson.

With Easter approaching, I think of Jesus’ scars.  He must have had scars from the things people would say to him and about him in addition to the scars on his hands and his body.  We must teach our children about Jesus’ walk on earth and how people hurt him, and then we must teach them about how Jesus persevered and rose again.  With Jesus, our children will learn self-control.  They will learn to make wise choices and leave fewer scars in our world.  I also believe that they will also able to persevere and remember that even when they are hurt, they will always have the love of Jesus to soothe those scars.

Dear Lord, Please help us to know when we need use our self-control.  Thank you for giving us your power to lead a Godly life.  Amen.

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