Our Journey Toward Becoming Stephen Ministers

Our Journey Toward Becoming Stephen Ministers

How many times have you heard it said, “I would like to be more active in our church, but I can’t get a feel for which ministry would be a fit for me.  I am just not sure what talents I possess that could be of use.”

This was precisely our feeling.  We had participated in growing our faith through attending the four years of Discipleship, enjoyed various Bible classes as they have been offered, but we wanted more.  We wanted to continue to seek a closer walk with our Savior.  We tried several ministries, but the fit did not seem quite right.  We were stuck.  What gifts did we have to offer?  What new challenges could we take on that would transform us into growing our faith through service- a daunting task for sure and a difficult question.

But God does work in mysterious ways, and in this care, it was quite a circuitous route.  This happenstance occurred about five years ago when the leader of the Stephen Ministry approached both my husband and myself about joining this ministry which has as its goal to offer a Christ-centered listening ear to those facing adversity of all kinds (and this is all kept absolutely confidential).  We pondered the consideration , but eventually decided that it was not a good time for us.  As it turned out, God had planted the seed, but he was not ready for us to join this ministry.  Shortly thereafter my husband was diagnosed with cancer and that battle continues to this day.  But the seed was there and continued to tap us on the shoulder and whisper, “You can do this!  Your professions as physician and teacher have given you what it takes to nurture others as they pass through the challenges life throws in everyone’s path”.  Thus when we had the second opportunity five years later to join this ministry, we prayerfully asked for God’s provision and said yes.  Here we are Lord.  Send us.



Doug & Jimmie King

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