Local Missions Prayer Requests, March 2019

Local Missions Prayer Requests, March 2019

A Grateful Prayer from HOLY ANGELS

God, thank you for the opportunity to serve as part of Your will for our lives. Thank You for the lessons that our Holy Angels residents and program participants teach us, like how to love, remain infinitely innocent and connect directly with You through our relationship with Your son Jesus. Thank You for the inspiring JOY that each of our Angels exudes. May God’s highest good and blessings surround each and every one who is touched by our mission.

We ask that You help us to remain good stewards of the gifts You have so generously provided, as we seek to continue the legacy of love, support and empowerment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This was the vision You gave to our founders, and we pray we honor that daily. Thank You for helping us to understand that the secret to joy is to keep seeking You where we doubt You are… help us to recognize Your presence and remain determined to find You in our every day.

May God’s enduring grace fall upon our friends at First United Methodist Church. Thank you for our partnership and for the community impact that is made possible by the synergy created. We are better together.



1.  We have fresh vision for 2019 and are asking God for some BIG things, but our prayer is that we stay grounded in His word and His direction before we take any steps or charge any gates!

2.  We are looking to move into one large residential facility for Purchased.  Praying for provision of a house large enough for 15-20 women, or a facility, preferably out of city limits and on some land.

3.  We are going to be taking some more steps towards tackling the “demand” or “buyer” side of prostitution this year…so prayer for protection, wisdom and the fruit of those efforts being a reduced level of buying in our city.


We pray for the poor and hungry.  Open our eyes to see as You see.  May their cries for daily bread inspire us to act with compassion and mercy.

We pray for the lost and forsaken.  Open our mouths to speak as You speak.  May we show kindness and understanding with our words.

We pray for those who enjoy the abundance of creation.  Open our hands so that we may share as You shared.  May we continue, with our benefactors and volunteers, in our mission to end hunger.

We pray for the broken and those living without hope.  Open our hearts to love as You love.  May we remember to love others as we wished to be loved.


Father God, today we reverence and honor You. You are our God and we submit our loyalty and adoration to You.

•We come giving you thanks for the vision you gave to MLK Health Center & Pharmacy many years ago. It is a vision that will ease the mind of many in our community for health care. We ask for prayer that this vision continues to grow, and branch out in the direction that God intends for it to in the coming year and that we be able to reach further out into the communities where health care is needed most.

•We give you praise for opening people’s heart to give to our mission so we can provide primary healthcare and medications to the uninsured. We ask that you continue to move people to give to our mission so no one is forced to struggle alone with their health.

•Also, that we may be a continual blessing to those in need and to the communities that we serve. We praise You for what is going to take place in 2019. Amen.

Praise him-he is your God. You have seen with your own eyes the great and astounding that he has done for you.—Deuteronomy 10:21


•Please pray for those experiencing unsheltered homelessness and those living in emergency shelters.

•Please pray for individuals and families making the difficult transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

•Please pray for all of the brave, compassionate warriors who choose to devote their work lives assisting those experiencing homelessness in our community.


Father, thank you for the opportunity to serve You as we receive furniture donations from the community and share them with those in need. May we be good stewards of what You provide with our expanded mission in 2019. Bless our donors and grantors who make it all possible. Lord, continue to increase word of mouth about Renesting Project and bring more volunteers to serve with us. You are more than able. We praise You for Your favor in Christ’s name. Amen


Dear God,

You are the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort. We pray for those who have suffered from abuse and we ask you to help all those who suffer from abuse, especially children.

Have compassion upon all who have suffered the injustice, humiliation and pain of abuse.

In the midst of their distressing circumstances, give them courage to speak. May your perfect love drive out fear and anxiety. In your mercy, create opportunities for the children to heal from their pain, reveal their struggles, overcome their struggles and expose the hurtful actions of others.

Give grace, sensitivity and wisdom to all who will minister to the victims and survivors of abuse. Strengthen those who have been abused and help them find peace in their life.

We humbly plead these things in your name…



God, thank you for calling each of us to serve and to minister to our hurting community. Providence House humbly submits our work unto You.  It is our prayer that:

1)            Our community will not turn a deaf ear or blinded eye to the plight of homeless families and children,

2)            Our community will lift homeless families daily in their prayers,

3)            Our community will continue to extend kindness, generosity and support as we serve and meet the needs of those without food, clothing and shelter,

4)            Together, we will all share of our resources so that all are served,

5)            We love our neighbors as ourselves,

6)            You will send laborers into the vineyard to help with the work that you have assigned our hands,

7)            Your Holy Spirit will cover those children who have been exposed to abuse and violence,

8)            You bless your servants who have committed to serve you in spirit and in truth.

Above all, it our prayer that our work will be pleasing in your sight and that man is edified and You are glorified.


1.            That we would continue to grow in numbers as well as in diversity in all of our ministries (BTW, Byrd, Magnet, Captain Shreve, and Wyldlife/middle school)

2.            That the Lord would bless the relationships leaders have already formed with kids and that those kids would continue to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ

3.            That the Lord would create friendships between kids who don’t know Jesus and their Young Life leaders, and that those kids would experience the Gospel in a new way

4.            That leaders would have an abundance of joy, energy, and excitement for reaching kids for Christ, and that they would also be growing and thriving in their own walks with the Lord

5.            That we would have completely full camp trips this summer, and that the Lord would change the hearts and lives of the kids on those trip

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