Grace, Gratitude, & Glory (11-18-18)

Grace, Gratitude, & Glory (11-18-18)

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2 Corinthians 4:13-15—

We also have the same faithful spirit as what is written in scripture: I had faith, and so I spoke. We also have faith, and so we also speak. We do this because we know that the one who raised the LORD Jesus will also raise us with Jesus, and he will bring us into his presence along with you. All these things are for your benefit. As grace increases to benefit more and more people, it will cause gratitude to increase, which results in God’s glory.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, that means you are aware of the grace of God that has rescued you. It means that you have been a recipient of the prevenient grace of God, you have accepted the justifying grace of God, and you are prayerfully growing in the sanctifying grace of God. (You may or may not fully grasp these theological terms, but they are practically what you are experiencing!). This week, let’s celebrate where we can identify God’s grace in our lives. Let’s allow this recognition to translate to gratitude with speech about God’s activity and praise towards God faithfulness. And by our living witness, let us bring glory to God goodness and love!

Live in the grace of God. Live with gratitude because of the love of God. Live for the glory of God.


Bulletin 11.18.18

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  1. Hello. I emailing to find out if you will be posting Reverend Joyce’s November 18th service. We attend the FUMC services through the internet but were “out of pocket” this past Sunday morning so missed the live broadcast. I do hope it will become available here. Thank you.

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