Global Missions Prayer Requests April 2019

Global Missions Prayer Requests April 2019

We love our global missionaries! We are so thankful to partner with so many faithful disciples all over the world. So many of you have invited them into your homes to share meals and swap stories. Others of you have written cards each month to uplift and encourage their spirits. Still others of you have gone to visit them and pray over their ministries.

This month, we asked our missionaries, “How can we pray for you?” Below are some of those requests, and we invite you to join us as we cover these precious servants in prayer.

Nate & Whitney Hutchinson
Auckland, New Zealand

1. For God to grant us His favor and the favor of key people and organizations that are critical to the best launch of our new church – Church Northwest.
2. That God would continue to grow our love for Him, His Word, His ways, and His people.

Rob & Lynne Branham

Newcastle, Australia

1. Praying for our future workers as they raise support to be with us — Nathan and Marie Bollig, Jen Reynolds Allen and Marilyn Todd, and Nate McGlumphry.

2. Please pray for our influence in public schools to continue.

3. Pray for the Branham family, for energy to continue working and for our kids.

4. For the interns arriving for the summer

5. For everyday opportunities to share Jesus with those we live and work with

John Woodward

South Pacific Christian Fellowship

1. Spiritual renewal and strength for our staff in New Zealand and Australia as they face the spiritual darkness that is often subtle and stressing.

2. For God-sized dreams for 2019: For our three candidates (Jen, Allen and Marilynn) to obtain funding to start their work in Australia; for God’s protection, wisdom and strength in planting of the new church in Auckland for the Hutchisons and the Taylors; and for God to raise up new workers this year for more church plants in future!

3. For revival in New Zealand and Australia: that God’s people would in the South Pacific might have the vision and passion to sacrifice and serve to spread the Good News of Jesus across the island nations!

Stefania & Dragos Alexandrescu

Bucharest, Romania

When I think of what to ask for in prayer, I only have one thought that has consumed me over the past week… May our ministry be the overflow of our relationship with God. May the love we have for Him and the knowledge we have of Him be the fuel for everything we do. May God work in us and through us…. because if He doesn’t, there’s not much we can do. Will you pray this with me?

Jessica Weaver

Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks for partnering with me in prayer. I cannot do this work without you!

  1. My new role as Europe Regional Director is much larger in scope than my previous position. Please pray for time management as I figure out priorities and that I would learn the new aspects of my job quickly.
  2. Health and safety as my travel schedule has also increased.
  3. We need new staff and teachers for many projects for the 2019-2020 school year.
  4. Preparations for my totalization leave. (I will be out of the Czech Republic for 6.5 months starting in late September.)

Olga & Igor Fateev

Yekaterinburg, Russia

We are so grateful to have you praying with us and for us! Thank you for supporting us! Please pray for these things:

  1. For preaching of the Gospel to young people and young families in Yekaterinburg. (This has become so difficult with the new legislation passed by our government to hinder evangelical Christianity.) 
  2. For a new office space for the church. (We are looking for office space that we can access during the day and evenings.)
  3. For the effective ministry of each member of the church in God’s vision and in the power of the Holy Spirit. (We pray each church member will use their gifts in our church and community.)
  4. For the development of the men’s ministry. 

Dieuseul & Neemy Mongerard

Les Cayes, Haiti

Our prayer requests remain the same as we enter into April:

  1. Please pray for our church. We have a wonderful community of believers, and we are faithfully following God as we build a new church.
  2. Please pray for our family – especially our children – Noa, Jerry, Jammy, & Benjirama. We are building a new house and we have moved into the portion that is finished.
  3. Please pray for the school. We have over 300 students, and this includes the Darivager children. We want to finish the term well.

Wil & Yolanda Bailey

San Isidro, Costa Rica

It has been a VERY busy start to the year for Costa Rica Mission Projects. We’ve already had twice as many teams as we usually do by this point. Please pray for our already exhausted staff and leadership. The rest of the year will be much the same…

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