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Life is hard and it isn’t mean to be done alone. In our society, however, most of us build our lives up independent of one another. Connect Groups and Classes are aimed directly at this cultural circumstance. We believe deeply in the power of community and the need to know others and be known by others. If you want to get more connected, make some deep friendships and grow in your faith then Connect Groups and Classes are for you. Please give Erik a call at 318.424.7771.

Connect Ministry Leader: Erik Rasmussen

Upcoming Connect Classes

2019 Fall Connect Classes

Galatians • Dr. Day 
Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00pm, September 11th – October 23rd 
Hunter 101
Dr. Day will be teaching a six week study on the book of Galatians. It was the rediscovery of the basic message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ that brought about the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther relied strongly on this letter in his writings and arguments against the prevailing theology of his day. The study will be held at noon starting on September 11th and conclude on October 23rd. There will not be a meeting on September 25th.
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts • Rev. Derek Joyce
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm, September 11- October 16th (no meeting Sep 25th)
E&A 312
Spiritual gifts are given to believers to operate within and strengthen the life of the church. While no Christian possesses every gift of the Spirit, every Christian does have some of God’s wonderful gifts. We will use a personal spiritual gifts inventory designed to help Christians identify the specific gifts God has given them, examine Scripture, and engage in discussion.  And to be effective in ministry, Christians must find and use these gifts. As we take an inventory, examine scripture, and engage in discussion together, we can help clear up misconceptions about spiritual gifts, evaluate how we may have been operating in the wrong gifts, and release us to healthy and vibrant ministry for kingdom purpose as we operate in the gifts God has given to each of us. 
Life of the Beloved • Dr. Ashley Goad
Tuesdays, 5:45-7:00pm – Ashley’s home, July 30th – August 20th
Wednesdays, 9:45-11:00am – Multi-Media Room, July 31st – August 21st
How often do we long for someone to walk beside us, as Jesus did with his disciples on the road to Emmaus, and interpret scripture for us…tell us how to apply it to real everyday lives? We ponder the words from the Bible. We read interpretations by theologians and spiritual seekers. We flinch when we feel condemned. We’re comforted when we feel our lives are, at least for a moment, in synch with our understanding of God’s will. Yet we remain hungry…hungry for spiritual truth and guidance. This book was, for me, spiritual nourishment to help satisfy that hunger.  We’ll take four weeks to soak in the wisdom and unconditional love found in Life of the Beloved, by Henri Nouwen!
In the Dust of the Rabbi • Dr. Ashely Goad
Tuesdays, 5:45-7:00pm – Ashley’s home, October 22nd – November 19th
Wednesdays, 9:45-11:00am – Multi-Media Room, October 23rd – November 20th
In the Dust of the Rabbi features historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan as he leads us to experience Jesus’ life up close and personal. Discover how you can get dusty and be closer to your Rabbi, Jesus, by doing what he does. Filmed on location in Galilee, Priene, and Didyma, these illuminating “faith lessons” afford a new understanding of the Bible that will ground your convictions and transform your life. 
Financial Peace University • Kay Camp
Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00pm, August 21st-October 16th
Multi-Media Room
Financial Peace University is an interactive study about finances.  It gives you a better understanding of how to manage money, deal with debt and plan for the future to alleviate stress and brokenness relating to financial decision making.  This is a great course for a couple to take to strengthen their relationship and get on the same page financially.  It’s equally effective for an individual seeking to live into a healthy financial life.

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