Called To Be Priests (05-26-19)

Called To Be Priests (05-26-19)

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1 Peter 2:5“You yourselves are being built like living stones into a spiritual temple. You are being made into a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”

Isaiah 61:6“You will be called Priests of the LORD, Ministers of our Go, they will say about you.”

Many people think that only a select few are called to be priests. And while this might be true in a professional/vocational sense when it comes to ordering an institution and directing ministry programs, every follower of Christ has a calling to live as “The Priesthood of All Believers.” Let us explore the priestly tradition by examining the historical, biblical position of priests in Scripture, and see how each person who responds to the grace and love of God in Jesus enters into a life of worship and ministry. Committed followers of Jesus are called to offer their lives in sacrificial praise and thanksgiving in order to reflect and share the gospel hope for the world. Every person becomes priestly in life and vocation. And this is a marvelous gift for the world—to see faith on display, to see work as worship, and to know that God is alive and good, because people called by His name are priests of God.

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